Through the Lens

Hello! It's nice to meet you, my name is Jim Gregio.  I am a happily married, retired, Army Veteran, and wildlife photographer in Pittsburgh.  I travel the country with a passion for capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of our national parks, while showcasing a special affinity for the majestic eagles that inhabit them.
Jim Gregio taking photos creekside in Yellowstone National Park

Proudly Veteran Owned & Operated

A Minolta SRT101 I bought in the Army PX started it all and let me capture my time in the military. I then did some wedding photography but life got busy with my day job.

After retirement, I picked up a camera again and my love of eagles reignited my photography career. It has led me to waterfalls, marshes, lakes, and many parks to capture stunning images of nature while helping to preserve wildlife and improve our community.

I bring this passion of photography and dedication into each shot I take. Beaver County is now my home and my favorite subjects are our own Big Rock Park eagle pair.

What is your favorite photo and where was it taken?

My favorite photo is one taken at our local park, Big Rock Rock Park at the Fisherman's Dam.  It is of Adrian, the female eagle, who had just finished eating.  She is in front of the waterfall.  The log she is on is no longer there which makes this photo one of a kind.  

Can you share some of your favorite wildlife destinations or national parks?

Big Rock Park in New Brighton, PA is local and near and dear to my heart.  I do love the abundance of wildlife in the Cleveland area near Lake Erie, it is not too far to travel.  I made eight trips to that area looking for the Snowy Owl, persistence paid off.  Winter in Ohio was also perfect for Short Eared Owl and deer.  Twice a year I head to the Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna River in Maryland to capture hundreds of eagles.  They love to fight for shad that the dam churns up.  Blackwater Falls and Babcock State Park in West Virginia both have beautiful waterfalls and mountains.  Watkins Glen, Utica and Letchworth Parks in New York also are favorite destinations.  My recent trip to Montana and Wyoming was incredible.  Both Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Parks are just incredible for Grizzley bear, Black bear, moose, elk, fox, and bison.  We are also fortunate in Pennsylvania to have majestic elk in Benezette and increasing numbers of eagles all throughout the state such as in Goddard State Park.  Lake Wilhelm is a great spot for wildlife in every season.  

How do you find and track the wildlife to capture those incredible shots?

Finding wildlife is much like hunting, you go into an area where you researched that certain wildlife maybe and set out to find them.  It takes a lot of patience, observation and getting to know the animal's behavior.  The photography community is very collaborative and fellow photographers to share locations with other trusted colleagues.  Not only do you need to know their behavior but you must also know what lighting, lens and settings are appropriate to capture each image at any given point in time and weather conditions. 

Jim Gregio dressed in camouflage poses in front of various types of brush and trees with photography equipment

What equipment do you use?

I prefer Nikon Z9 camera body, F4 600-millimeter lens for long shots with a 1.4 teleconverter.   I use assorted Nikon lens for various shots such as the Nikon 24 to 70 millimeter,  70 to 200 millimeter and 300-millimeter F2.8.

What is your editing process like?

I use Lightroom and Photoshop to adjust color and lighting minimally as needed.  It does take time to filter out images that are substandard and determine cropping.

Can you provide some tips for aspiring wildlife photographers?

I would say patience is the top priority.  Research of your camera gear and settings are very important.  It helps to talk to other photographers and to research on the internet.  There are many good videos available on You Tube for advice.  Settings are important as photography is painting by light, lighting is crucial. 

  • Cary Lemasters

    Saw some pictures he had posted on a local eagle page. Contacted him and within a couple days I had the beautiful picture in my office. My wife has since purchased another eagle print for me and a couple hummingbird photos for herself. Very pleased and they are great to work with.

  • Amanda Chute

    Jim’s photographs are beautiful! He is very easy to talk with and helped me get the perfect print for my office. I bought a matted photo of an eagle. The quality was excellent and his prices are very well priced!

  • Karla Winkle

    Jim captures beautiful photos of eagles, wildlife and scenery. I purchased a few matted eagle pictures for a friend. He loved the close up action caught in the photos. Very happy with our purchase!